Grade: Cool Kitten

Which is your favorite combo and drink? -My favourite is when the chefs mix something spicy up for me. Yummie! Aaaand RED BULL!!!!

What part of your job do you like the most? -The most I like our team. The best!!! No matter how difficult or easy the work day is, my people keep my spirits high. Love it!

What do you do the best? -I can make a delicious Meowjito! :D :D

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not at work? -Chilling out with my daughter. I teach her all kinds of cool stuff. And I love extreme sport! Wiii!

What is your favorite memory in Sushi Cat? -Our team meeting in July 2013. Everyone was there. We were all in a super good mood. That’s the way it should always be! It was awesome!

*Teised ütlevad minu kohta nii: „Diana on ülimalt elav, valjuhäälne ja talle meeldib räpp muusika.” “Diana on pidevalt liikvel kuskil, harva on kuulda, et ta niisama istub. Väga otsekohene on ta samuti.”