SPRING CAT is back!

This is our favorite moment of the year! We are celebrating that spring is here and its time to enjoy the sun and refill our bodies with new life!

Healthy, refreshing and full of good energy, -meet our SPRING CAT!

SPRING CAT is also designed to be extra nutritious, green and environmentally friendly!

SPRING CAT finally is here!

-Let the fun begin!

See you in Sushi Cat!

/Your Cat Crew



RomantiCat2017SÕBRAKUU SUSHIGA! Sushi Cati kiisupere on aasta kõige romantilisemaks kuuks juba valmis! Mis võiks Sõbrakuul olla parim lõuna või õhtusöögi idee kõige kallimatega, kui meie imemaitsev ja värske sushi! Ja suussulavad maagilised majakoogid MEOW! & PURR! Tellimusteks ja laua broneerimiseks soovitame ette helistada 50 30 911. Kohtumiseni Roosikrantsi 16.




Are you ready for true winter delight and snow, for all of that, we bring you- ICE CAT!

Sushi Cat wishes you lots of memorable wintery moments and welcomes you to enjoy our yummie and healthy sushi.





Sushi Cat pakub Halloween ajaks väga mõnusat sushi komplekti. Alates tänasest on meie menüüs GHOST CAT – EHMATAVALT TERVISLIK JA MÕNUS:)! 

Do not hesitate, run Sushi Cat.  See you soon! ohtume peagi!



SchoolCat2013The coolest cat in town is now called SCHOOL CAT. This fall we have prepared a delicious combo for you that is guaranteed to light up this season! It has all the good ingredientses you need to stay cool and sharp weather you are back in school or just learning from everyday life.

Don´t hesitate, run to Sushi Cat!

See you soon!

/Your Cat Crew



Catering kõikideks olukordadeks!

Sushi on mugav võimalus erinevate cateringide või pidude jaoks. See on maitsev, tervislik, lihtne pakkuda, väga ilus ja pidulik. Sushi on täiuslik:

Rohkem informatsiooni meie cateringi pakkumiste kohta saab emaili teel roosikrantsi@sushicat.ee

Me soovitame proovida sushi kõrvale ka meie Jaapani jooke:

Kui soovid teha oma pidu eriti huvitavaks, siis meie kiisud oma vahvates kostüümides võivad tulla ka Teie üritusele ettevalmistusi tegema, jooke ja sööke pakkuma.

Sushi sisaldab marineeritud ingverit, wasabit, sojakastet, sushipulki, salvrätikut ja sojaalust. Sushi serveeritakse mustadele vaagnatele, mis sobivad täiuslikult peolauale. Samuti kui soovite pakkuda külalistele midagi magusat, siis ärge unustage meie maitsvaid toorjuustukooke ????


Sake Glögg!



What could be better on a cold winter day than a hot class of glögg!?

Our special Sake Glögg is not just ordinary glögg, our cat-crew have added some special taste nuances and sake to add the spunk. So, come and taste one of christmas time favourites and see that true holiday feeling comes with special tastes that makes you purr ;)!




Tiger sushicat-web 469x716pxl

Try something new and uncage you TIGER!

Tiger is a beer that is made with passion, it has found fans all over the world, and in addition it has won more than 40 awards for beer quality. It is the fastest growing beer brand in Asia.

Tiger beer has equally refreshing and full-bodied flavor.

Tiger wants to encourage you to look at things again, to follow your instincts and live on your own terms.

Come and have a taste!

Why not order right away!


Super delicious – MEOW!

Sushi Cat is bringing to You – super delicious and locally made cake – MEOW!


MEOW – is a cheesecake what is locally made from our kitties. It is made with cherry and umeshu layer.  The cake is a great pleasure for both – big and small sweet friends!

Come visit us and try it Yourself!

MEOW! :)


New Kitten Dana!

DanaGrade: Kitten

Which is Your favorite sushi combo with a drink? Well my absolute favourites are Cheetah with couple of tiger prawn nigiri. From the drink part I prefer Aloe Vera with grape juice or Ginger Boost cocktail.

Which part of your job do you love the most? I love working with our girls, you can be sure to get loads of fun and laugh with them. Besides, I like folding tissues, hahaha.

What are You the best at? The first thing that I adore is travelling, I can spend everything on it without any hesitation because I find the experience that I get and the people whom I meet to be priceless. Also, I really like reading, baking sweets, and just to have nice evenings with my friends.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work? I like handicraft, reading and everything that’s got to do with learning new things. My everyday hobby is also cooking, I like to try out new recipes from different countries.

What is your favorite memory in Sushi Cat? I can say that everything is one colourful and fun memory, again thank to our girls and these moments are only growing in numbers.


THANKS! We did it again!

SUSHI CAT is selected as TOP 10 best service places in Estonia + TOP 3 best waitress place (Annika Natka)
We are also the only restaurant in TOP 10 service places! This means Sushi Cat was voted the best service of all restaurants in Estonia!
Thank you so much for voting for us – we promise to keep up the good service & look forward to see you soon for Tallinn’s best sushi! Meow!GoodService
Special combo OlympiCat 2014


Special combo OlympiCat 2014
Special combo OlympiCat 2014

To celebrate the 2014 winter olympics we are offering our special OLYMPI CAT combo. It´s a real winner meal with lot´s of yummie and healthy sushi.

As an extra winter games bonus you can win a one month training card at Reval sport and full access to their new water-park!



Tutvustame meie armsat kiisu Meribeli!


Milline on sinu lemmik sushicombo koos joogiga? Lemmik sushi on Bagheera makid, kõrvale Coma Wakame merevetika-seesami lisand. Jookidest kõige lemmikum on Pink Magic ja talvisel ajal Ginger Boost.

Milline osa oma tööst Sulle kõige rohkem meeldib? Meie armas kassipere, kellega möödub iga tööpäev suurepäraselt. Meeldib valmistada maitsvaid kokteile ning kooke.

Milles oled just sina kõige parem? “Purr” kookide tegemises.

Milline on sinu lemmik tegevus, kui sa ei ole tööl? Meeldib kokata ning katsetada uusi maitseid. Armastan väga ka oma kiisukest ning temaga tegelemist. Kui veel töö ning kooli kõrvalt rohkem aega jääb, veedan selle meeleldi oma sõbrannadega ja näiteks kinos käies.

Milline on sinu lemmik mälestus Sushi Catist? 2013. aasta sügisjooks ning peale seda toimunud vahva ühisüritus.

* Töökaaslased ütlevad Meribeli kohta “ -Ta on meie armas pesamuna” “-ta valmistab kõige maitsvamaid kooke ja tal on pea igal teemal midagi asjalikku sekka öelda.”


Introducing cute kitten Annika!

Cool Kiiten Annika

Grade: Cool Kitten

What is your favorite sushi and drink? I like grilled salmon, for example Lynx makis or Tiger with grilled salmon and grilled salmon-cream cheese gunkans and a Ginger Boost or Red Bull on the side.

What part of your job do you love the most? I am the most pleased with our cat-team, it is just super!

What are You the best at? I am always in a good mood and I try to be as quick and helpful as possible.

What are you up to when you are not at work? I enjoy spending time with my good friends or just relax and watch a good movie and drink tea.

What is your favorite moment in Sushi Cat? I will definitely remember one get-together where we were all together and we got to know each other more, but overall every day spent in Sushi Cat and being together is a great memory.

* Colleges say about Annika “ -Her smile melts up everyones heart!” “-It is fun to listen to rap music with her, meow.”

Cool Cat Merilin

Employee of the month: Merilin!

Cool Cat Merilin
Cool Cat Merilin

Grade: Cool Cat

Which is Your favorite sushi combo with a drink? My favorite is ½ Power Cat roll with tofu + ½ Ice Cat roll, delicious ! And Ginger Boost

Which part of your job do you love the most? I love sushi the most :D But really, we have the best team!

What is your best trick? I am the best  and most creative in using caviar in sushi.

Merilin modelling
Merilin modelling

What is your favorite thing to dowhen you’re not at work? In addition to Sushi Cat I am Evelyn’s assistant in Living Models agency, I also work as a model and I do sports intensively.

What is your favorite memory of Sushi Cat? It is always so much fun to be at work, can’t remember any specific moment, but I’m sure there is lots.

* Others say about Merilin: “Total travel-freak!” “You can hear Merilin’s laugh from far.”


Get to know our Cool Kitten Diana!


Grade: Cool Kitten

Which is your favorite combo and drink? -My favourite is when the chefs mix something spicy up for me. Yummie! Aaaand RED BULL!!!!

What part of your job do you like the most? -The most I like our team. The best!!! No matter how difficult or easy the work day is, my people keep my spirits high. Love it!

What do you do the best? -I can make a delicious Meowjito! :D :D

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not at work? -Chilling out with my daughter. I teach her all kinds of cool stuff. And I love extreme sport! Wiii!

What is your favorite memory in Sushi Cat? -Our team meeting in July 2013. Everyone was there. We were all in a super good mood. That’s the way it should always be! It was awesome!

*Teised ütlevad minu kohta nii: „Diana on ülimalt elav, valjuhäälne ja talle meeldib räpp muusika.” “Diana on pidevalt liikvel kuskil, harva on kuulda, et ta niisama istub. Väga otsekohene on ta samuti.”

Riinu, -Employee of the month!


Grade: Super Cat

Which is Your favorite sushi combo with a drink? Spice Cat with smoked salmon and a Red Bull or black tea with milk.

Which part of your job do you love the most? Since I am one of our two schooling-chefs, I really like teaching the clients how to make sushi!

What are You the best at? I consider myself one of the fastest chefs.

How do you spend your sparetime? I really like cooking and trying out new recipes and later on enjoying a good movie with my good food.

What is your favorite memory in Sushi Cat? I really like helping others and I am a bog nature- and animalfriend, so I was really glad when I learned that we give our salmon leftovers to Kassiabi and that Sushi Cat helps promoting the green way of living. My favorite memories are visiting Kassiabi at Christmas and Open Air Green Event.

*Others say about Riinu:” We have 4 philologists in our team, one of them is Riinu (English philology)” “Riinu likes to guide others.”


Get to know our Cool Cat Erle!

Cool Cat Erle

Grade: Cool Cat

Which is Your favorite sushi combo with a drink? Ice Cat combo with blueberry Pokka Aloe Vera drink.

Which part of your job do you love the most? I like making sushi rolls. My co-cats make me happy and smiling.

What are You the best at? I have learned to make quick beautiful rolls with the working speed we have on Fridays.

What are you up to when you’re not at work? In addition to Sushi Cat I also go to school and I babysit a very cute little girl, so I don’t have much of a free time. I am also interested in economy and politics. And I like running, dancing and music, traveling,  hanging out with friends and resting in my hometown Viljandi.

What is your favorite memory in Sushi Cat? Every day is filled with fun moments, but the best memory is about Sushi Cat Open Air Event.

*Others say about Erle:”Erle loves rap music!?” “Cris and Erle are the best at lifting everyone’s spirits!”


Sherwood superdeal!


Now is the perfect time to try them all!

Sherwood Pear

Sherwood Pear is a cider fermented based on the best English traditions, hinting at the ripe taste of sweet pears. It is a classic premium cider – the type that has been enjoyed in England for centuries. It gives a glimpse of the pure and unspoilt atmosphere of the good old days.

Sherwood Rose

Sherwood Rose is a new premium cider, which combines the best cider manufacturing traditions and the fresh taste of Nordic raspberries. The drink itself is a real juicy experience which tastes best when served at cold temperatures or even with ice.

Sherwood Apple

Sherwood Apple is a premium cider made in keeping with the finest English traditions. The sublime taste achieved from mixing apple wine with apple juice originated in good old England where cider-making began in the time of glorious heroics. Each Sherwood has a story to tell, you just need to listen carefully.

Sherwood – cider with an English spirit



Introducing our new menu!


We are proudly introducing our fully reworked menu! Our philosophy has been to refine everything that you all love in our menu and make it even better. And we have two brand new sushi combos, Spice Cat, that is our strongest and spiciest combo so far, do you dare? Our second new sushi combo is Green Cat that is all vegetarian and really smooth.

Some of our famous traditional combos have been improved and we hope you find them even more fantastic.

We have also reviewed our drinks and cocktails and made the selection more Japanese and colorful. And last but not least we have two brand new and super yummy cakes.

Hope You will find our new menu as exciting, tasty and beautiful as we we do!

See you soon!


Ready for takeoff!

Our latest creation is heading for the stars!

Come and enjoy it!
For this starry winter we have composed a super yummie combo that includes 5 of our popular salmon nigiris together with 5 makis so tasty they will melt in your mounth.

If you feel the winter is could and dark and spring is far away then light it up with our Star Cat. To keep you extra warm we recommend you to try our vitalizing warm drink Ginger Boost. If you really feel brave then don´t hesitate to order the brand new Ginger Super Boost with smooth Sake in the blend.


Best dressed chefs!

Sushi Cat chef

Sushi Cat just updated the chef wear with tops designed by award winning designer Liilli Jahilo.

-I was really inspired by the concept of Sushi Cat and the team’s dedication and vision in pursuing such a unique brand, -says Lilli Jahilo. Modernity, practicality and quality are the keywords important for both Sushi Cat and the designs of Lilli Jahilo.

-For more visual sources of inspiration I researched the Japanese manga culture, the works of the artist Yayoi Kusama and the youth streetwear in Harajuku. We ended up choosing the smartest of the initial design proposals, one that encompasses hints of the kimono wrap-around with sophisticated and manga-like cuffs and collar with a fun bow above a cheeky slit.


As for the colour scheme the focus is on trademark Sushi Cat colours – fuchsia pink, dark purple and white. Last but not least, the technical execution of the shirts is of the highest possible quality.

-I guess all of this makes the lucky chefs of Sushi Cat best dressed in town!, -states designer Lilli jahilo


Designer Lilli Jahilo
Photo: Riina Varol

Lilli Jahilo has a background in Scandinavian design – she received her BA diploma in Fashion and Design in Norway, at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and an MA degree in Fashion Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts.  Her MA graduate collection won the academy’s best young designer grand prix.Costume

Having also trained at the famous Parisian haute-couture embroidery studio Atelier Lesage, she runs her fashion label based in Tallinn and produces womenswear collections and offers bespoke design service for individual clients. Lilli Jahilo won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 award for outstanding entrepreneurial performances by the Swedish Business Awards. She was the first Estonian designer to be invited to participate at the Mercedes-Bens Fashion Week 2012 main catwalk programme in Berlin.  www.lillijahilo.com


Wing Cat

WingCatSushi Cat is proud to announce that we are now cooperating with Red Bull! To celebrate our new friend we made a sushi combo that gives you an energy boost for the whole day. Try our latest special offer – Wing Cat!