Sushi Cat founder Evelyn Mikomägi

Grade: Mother Cat

Bet you get to eat as much sushi as you like, do you ever get tired? Impossible! It was my love and addiction for sushi that made me start Sushi Cat in the first place and there are of course different combos to choose from.

What is is the best part about having your own sushi bar? Except for having the chance to often eat my favorite food it is probably all the interesting people that I get in contact with and all the positive feedback.

What is the secret behind Sushi Cats popularity? It is actually a number of things but in short, it´s fresh fast and fun! ;-)

You also run a agency Living Models, how does this combine with sushi? As our agency is near by on the same street with Sushi Cat, we often have our work meetings over a sushi lunch. The models really appreciate this healthy food and love hanging around at Sushi Cat. Also many models apply for a job as  waitresses when they are not at school or traveling.

Miss Universe

Other interesting info about Evelyn: Before becoming an entrepreneur Evelyn has been exchange student in Australia,  graduated Stockholms University in Sweden and brought Estonia to TOP 10 in Miss Universe 2000.