Our philosophy, -Fresh, fast and fun!

Our philosophy, -fresh, fast and fun!

The idea of Sushi Cat is to offer a tasty, healthy and filling food for everybody, not an exclusive snack just for some. A fresh affordable meal should include a sushi combo, a cup of tea and a Miso soup. Sushi consuming should be made easy fast and fun. Simple menu with pre arranged combos. No complicated names or unknown systems.

SummerCat2012On top of the good inexpensive sushi, we’d like to offer our clients to experience a taste of a modern Japanese Manga & Pop culture by creating a different, at the same time welcoming atmosphere. No brown bamboo walls or samurai swords in Sushi Cat! Our customers deserve a bit of fun in a stressed everyday life.

Everybody should remember a visit to Sushi Cat with a big smile and a good healthy feeling in stomach.

See You in Sushi Cat!